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Article: Why you need a MaH polyester bag?

Why you need a MaH polyester bag?

First of all, the fabric is 600D polyester fabric, it is the main material of the backpack. This material has excellent abrasion resistance and water resistance. Other backpacks made by ordinary fabric may only last for 1 year, but this backpack can be used 3 or 5 years, because it has a great abrasion resistance. Besides, you don’t need to worry about your bag getting wet in the rain, because it has excellent water resistance. At present, we are cooperating with the largest fabric supplier in the world. The supplier also supplies fabrics for Nike and adidas. This is the main fabric used in our backpack.

In addition, the backpack also has many hardware accessories. For example, magnetic buckle can firmly hold the cover of the backpack, the two buckles can be used to adjust the capacity of the backpack, these buckles effectively prevent the contents of the bag from falling out.

And You can see that the zipper head is engraved with the words SBS, which is the second largest zipper supplier in the world, and the zippers of our product are supplied by it. And then, when you open the backpack, you can see the MaH logo printed on the lining. The logo in the lining is composed of two circles and a square,which highlights the symbol of MaH. And here is a key chain which is a special design that other backpacks except tour backpacks never had until we designed it.

The whole backpack has many prockets and interlayers, including a front pocket, a large interlayer, a laptop interlayer, an inner hidden pocket, 2 outer side pockets and a zipper pocket at the back of the backpack. This zippered pocket can be used to put some valuables, including wallets, mobile phones and documents.

This shoulder strap has four layers, 1st is sandwich net, 2nd is sponge, 3rd is pearl cotton and the last layer is 600D fabric. This four-layer structure can reduce the pressure when you carry this backpack.

In terms of production technology, our sewing degree is more than 1 inch and 7 stitches, and even more than 1 inch and 12 stitches on the top of the shoulder strap and the handle.


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