How Can We Help Our Ocean ?

Blue Ocean

 The blue ocean, vast and mysterious, carries countless lives and histories.


How Important the Ocean is? 

Ocean Pollution 

 12 Million Tons of Plastic Enters the Oceans Every Year

 Much of the plastic pollution in the oceans is caused by littering, the use of single-use plastic items that end up in the oceans due to improper disposal.

How Can We Help With Our Ocean?

Recycling of plastic bottles within 50KM of the coastline

 These specific areas of the coastline, often These particular areas of the coastline, which often have no formal garbage or recycling system, produce plastic bottles that have a high risk of ending up in the ocean.

Recycling these plastic bottles can alleviate the problem of ocean pollution.

 In the past, plastic bottles discarded along the coastline were a scourge on the sea.

 Nowadays, we are reusing and reshaping discarded plastic bottles into a sustainable, sustainable, and sustainable way of life.


The charm of the ocean lies in its unique colors and waves, one of the most beautiful works of nature.

Inspired by the ocean, we chose blue as the main color of the product, and through the fine washing process, we presented different shades of blue gradient, creating a sense of the ebb and flow of the waves to remind us of the importance of the ocean to us.

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