What To Do With Coffee Grounds


Environmental Exploration


According to the report of the International Coffee Organization.
In 2020, the global coffee consumption will be about 9.96 million tons. 
According to the proportion statistics of 650kg of coffee grounds per ton of coffee beans.
The global production of coffee grounds reached about 6.474 million tons.

Most of the coffee grounds are usually thrown away as garbage.
Randomly discarded coffee grounds release methane.
Methane has 25 times more greenhouse effect than carbon dioxide
Serious pollution to soil and water.
If the coffee grounds can be effectively used in the right place. 
Methane emissions can be mitigated.

Facing the problem of a large amount of discarded coffee grounds.
How to do your bit for the environment.

MAH has given the answer.

coffee grounds

Recycled coffee grounds and cork, reborn in a whole new way.
Effectively reduce damage to the natural environment, from raw materials to production.
Reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 6.8 tons for every 1 ton of waste coffee grounds.
Realizing MAH's circular design concept.

coffee grounds

coffee grounds bag

Drawing inspiration from the cycle of matter, we explore the possibilities of the cycle of coffee production - making - enjoying - recycling.
Integrating the concept of sustainability into bag design.
Using renewable materials, RECYCLOTH products illustrate MAH's attitude and insistence on environmental protection and its commitment to creating a beautiful and sustainable life for the planet that depends on it.


After Coffee Series


coffee grounds bags

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