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Article: Why do glaciers turn pink?

Why do glaciers turn pink?


Pink is beautiful, dreamy, romantic, and is the exclusive color of princesses in fairy tales.

Pink is also glamorous and dangerous, the earth's distress signal to us.


「Signal Found」

Global warming

Rising temperature

Promote the growth and reproduction of polar algae

Algae absorb heat

Covering the surface of the glacier

「Cruel Romance」

So the plateau is no longer cold.

Snow mountain is no longer white.

Pink Glacier Appears in the Alps.

Pink watermelon snow hits Antarctica.

「Vicious Circle」

The higher the temperature, the more algae, and the more and more melted glaciers turn pink. It is not a strange beauty but a warning signal sent by the earth again and again.
Italy Pink Glacier
"What we do for the next 20 years,

will determine the future of all life on Earth."

— Documentary "Our Planet (2019)"

「What Did We Do」

It is reported that excessive carbon dioxide emission is an important reason for the phenomenon of glaciers turning powder and melting. Any of our activities will cause carbon emissions, which are closely related to daily necessities of life. Buying a bottle of water or using a plastic bag will generate carbon emissions

「What Can We Do」

Data show that every kilogram of plastic releases 2.3 kilograms of carbon dioxide from raw material production to polymerization to form resin particles.
The annual consumption of plastic bottles in the world reaches hundreds of billions.
How much carbon dioxide emissions are produced.
Recycling plastic bottles for reuse is also an effective way to reduce carbon emissions.


「Efforts of MAH」mah pink bag

MAH uses the glacier pink and recycled fabric made of plastics bottle to spread the concept of environmental protection.

「Design Inspiration」

The MAH color of year 2023 is inspired by the phenomenon of glaciers turning pink. From the perspective of environmental protection, the pink signal sent by the earth to us is the main theme.
The vision is more intuitive to remind people of the impact of the crisis brought about by climate warming.
To speak out for the environment, I hope that through this series of products, more people will be aware of the current situation of the earth.

「The Journey of Recycling Glacier Pink Plastic Bottles」

mah pink bag

Recycling plastic bottles for reuse can shorten the chain of carbon emissions.
Manufactured directly from recycling, reducing carbon footprint.
Can reduce carbon emissions by 80% compared to the original plastic production process.
On the road of environmental protection, MAH continues to move forward and support the earth.

「MAH Glacier Pink Bags」




mah pink bags


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