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About Us

About MaH


Founded in 2010, MaH is a design driven accessories and lifestyle brand that produces innovative products with good quality. 

M - Marvel

We hope to achieve unlimited amazing imagination in the design of bags and the style creativity of the entire brand.
Marvel's finished products, Marvel's packaging, and Marvel's using experience—what is finally presented to consumers is MaH's young, diverse, and imaginative brand image.

A - Ace

Ace has always been the original aspiration and main goal of MaH.
MaH has always been adhering to the ace level of product quality and user experience at the same price.
Only through high-quality and stable products can our brand develop healthily and benignly, and the user group will increase in high quality and at a high speed.

H - Hobby

We don't want to be a one-time brand in the eyes of consumers. In the process of consumption, the establishment of hobby is the most beneficial path for the long-term development of the brand.
We integrate the brand into the daily life of consumers using bags, use details to enhance consumers' user stickiness, build brand dependence and brand preferences, and finally realize consumers' active choice.

Our Design


MaH emphasizes the originality of its products and interprets its unique brand concept with simple, atmospheric, design-intensive and practical product designs.

Our Mission

Our mission: Bring Exploration and Innovation into Every Journey of Life.

 Driving us to  work hard to help people have a better life journey.

Our Slogan

Our slogan: Explore Life Journey.


Patent Protection

The products of MaH are original designs, and all have applied for domestic and foreign patent copyright.

mah patent


Social Media & Private Domain Promotion

MaH social media includes Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. The monthly exposure is more than 10 million, and the fans on these media are more than 50W.


Physical Product Displaymah bag display

mah storemah store 

International Exhibition Promotion

Regarding environmental protection as new fashion, MaH has participated many major domestic exhibitions , exploring the sustainable development of fashion with partners and has widely praised.

MaH held more than 15 offline exhibitionis, with a high flow more than 3 million people, including Gifts Show in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing,HK,Chengdu and The China International Fashion Brand Fair-Shenzhen,etc.mah exhibition