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Payment Methods

MAH accepts the following forms of payment for online purchases:  

  1. Visa
  2. American Express
  3. MasterCard
  4. Diners Club
  5. Discover
  6. PayPal

 mah payment method

When you encounter the following problems when paying with a credit card,

1.Transaction declined (High risk transaction)

2.Transaction declined (Do not honor,Please contact the issuing bank to confirm the bank card payment limit)

3.Transaction declined (invalid card) - Credit card number is invalid. Not permitted on card.


Please try:

Pay again after about 10 minutes and try a few times.

Or try to match the mailing name with the billing name.

Or contact the issuing bank.

Or use PayPal.


Noted:  All of orders are charged in US Dollars, amount will convert to the same value to the currency of your country.



Privacy Policy

MaH do NOT share any customer information with any third party for any reason unless it is require by a legal authority or a government with an official request.
MaH takes your personal information and privacy very seriously and we will never share your information with any marketing firm for any marketing purposes except directly from MaH.
MaH will never contact you through any form to request you to update your password or personal information unless requested. Such action may be a phishing attempt and we suggest you ignore it or report to your local authority and inform us immediately.