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Article: Cactus Makes A Better World

Cactus Makes A Better World

The cactus grows silently in the hot sun.
Defying sand and drought.
Blooming with marvelous vitality.
A miracle of nature and a symbol of resilience and hope.
Now let the cactus go on a new journey out of the desert.

Cactus Leather - Desserto®

 A cactus-based biomaterial as an alternative to leather.  

Desserto® is a Mexican brand known for producing sustainable and eco-friendly alternative leathers.

The founders explored and chose the cactus plant as a raw material to develop vegan, vegetable-based leather that is free from animal cruelty.

The 14-acre cactus plantation absorbs approximately 8,100 tons of carbon dioxide per year

During cultivation, the cactus relies only on soil and rainwater, and no chemical toxicants are used.

Ensuring that the products are completely biodegradable, realizing zero pollution to the environment and practicing the concept of sustainable fashion.

The mature palm leaves are harvested every 6 to 8 months and then made into leather.


By using natural or recycled materials, the production process is more energy and water efficient, minimizing the impact on the environment from every aspect.

Incorporate the concept of environmental protection into the details of the products and advocate a sustainable lifestyle.

Fashion should coexist in harmony with nature, not fight against each other or cause more damage.


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