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Article: What Are Recycled Tires Turned Into?

What Are Recycled Tires Turned Into?

Tires Lifetime

In the long years of driving, each tire leaves traces of time and has a journey story of its own.

Usually truck tires need to be replaced after driving about 200,000 kilometers. Continuing to drive with worn and aging tires will increase fuel consumption and even affect driving safety. And a tire becomes a waste after it is removed from the vehicle, its rubber material can not be naturally biodegradable, improper disposal will also cause environmental pollution.

So the rotation of the tire stops there...

Recycled tire

Recycled tire

MAH finds a new way for the tire that has run 200,000 kilometers to continue its journey story.

The tires are made of rubber, which is wear-resistant, scratch-resistant and waterproof. Recycled truck waste tires are cleaned and processed, and the parts of their inner tubes that have little impact are cut and applied to the bag cover.

Inheriting the strong and durable advantages of rubber, it also reduces the burden and pollution of waste rubber on the environment. Due to the different products of each tire factory brand, there will be original trademarks or text imprints.

In addition, different driving conditions will also produce different traces, so each bag even if the style is the same but will have a different texture effect, unique.

recycled bottle

The body of the bag is made of recycled plastic bottles, visually composed of checkerboard elements, geometric patterns arranged staggered, black and white color matching is simple and eye-catching, and complements the industrial rough style of black tires. Discarded materials and fashion elements are recombined to transform into individual trendy items.

recycled tire bag

In the past, tires drove on the ground, leaving different road traces.

Nowadays, it will continue to drive behind its shoulders, carrying various items and luggage for everyone, and accompany every trip.

The mileage of tires is far more than 200,000 kilometers. It is up to you to decide the speed and the destination, and we will start a new journey together and continue to write a new story of environmental protection.

recycled tire bag

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