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Article: Protect Our Planet

Protect Our Planet

Plastic Planet

Plastic products are everywhere in the world.


「 Plastic Pollution 

Not easy to be degraded.
The natural degradation cycle takes two to three hundred years, which is extremely harmful to the environment and the biosphere.

Land Pollution

  • Pollute Soil

  1. Change soil pH.
  2. Occupy land space.
  3. Affect plant uptake of nutrients and water.
  • Pollute Water

  1. Animals eat by mistake, causing death.
  2. Landfill plastic waste,harmful substances such as bacteria and viruses in the garbage will seep out and pollute the groundwater
  • Pollute Air

          Plastic waste incineration,Dioxin, hydrogen chloride and other harmful gases will be produced, polluting the air and endangering human health.

plastic bottle

Ocean Pollution

  1. About 8 million tons of large plastics and 15,000 tons of primary microplastics enter the ocean every year.There are few unpolluted "clean lands" in the ocean.
  2. Microplastics are usually smaller than 5 mm and are often eaten by marine organisms, disrupting the ecological balance of the ocean.
  3. Chemicals in plastics can be passed to humans through the food chain.
    Enter the human food chain through seafood.
    Microplastics can be ingested from water, mixed into the air and inhaled by humans,or through skin contact.
  • Microplastics have even been found in the placentas of newborns.
ocean plastic

「 What Can We Do 

5R Principle

  • Reduce

Reduce the use of single-use plastic products

  • Refuse

Reject excessive packaging and use reusable items

  • Reuse

Do a good job of sorting plastic waste.
Participate in the "Plastic Reduction and Plastic Picking" activity.
Pick up plastic waste.

  • Recycle

  • Repurpose

mah recycled bag

「 What MAH Did

Explore the new fashion of environmental protection

  • Take you to explore a different environmental protection journey.
  • Those plastic water bottles we throw away.
    Abandoned fishing nets and sawdust in the ocean.
    Is coming back to you with a brand new look.

plastic bottles

ReboYarn Recycloth

MAH Cycle Design Concept


MAH has launched a newv series of environmentally friendly

products that combine the concept of environmentally friendly recycling with product design. It is made of Reboyarn recycled polyester fiber.

The material is recycled from waste plastic bottles.

The refreshing design shows the infinite possibilities of

renewable resources. Everyone saves resources in daily life,reduces

waste production,and protects the cycle of life together.

mah bag

mah bag

mah recycled bag

mah bag


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